There is no more effective way to convey information about yourself or your business than with a video. A well-produced video can act as a digital resume that lets you introduce yourself and talk about all you offer to the entire world, all day, every day. Imagine being able to introduce yourself, in person, to thousands of potential clients online 24/7, with a concise, visually stimulating presentation that lets them know that you're more than just a still photo and words on a website. Let them see you move and hear you speak, and begin gaining their business long before you even know their names. Our professional profile videos do all of that, while remaining affordable and simple to produce.




We have three professional profile video packages. The Basic Profile Video features a 45-90 second pre-scripted in-office interview with you, combined with scenes of you in your work environment, exterior shots of your building, music, and graphics with your contact information. 

The Standard Profile Video features all the above, plus multiple shots of your market area and alternate locations.

The Premium Profile Video features all the above, plus interviews with past clients and/or team members, to further enhance the impact of the video. This package includes multiple videos. You'll get a short version, without the testimonials, an extended version that includes them, and individual videos for each testimonial. 

All videos involve our skilled team of writers and producers who will make sure you look and sound your best. We'll work with you to stage your scenes, refine your script, and look relaxed and professional on camera. We'll make it fun and efficient, and leave you with a high-quality video that will help you build your business for years, to come.